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1982 Gibson Victory Bass


1982 Gibson Victory Bass in very good condition.

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Here is an absolutely beautiful 1982 Gibson Victory Bass with a cherry red finish. This bass has an incredibly responsive sound with very clear low-end, smooth mids, and rounded off highs. It is built like a tank and is very heavy to the feel, which allows for a wide range of warmth and low-end dynamics. Built in 1982, this Victory Bass has seen its fair share of playing since then, as can be noted in the photos provided, but it actually adds greatly to the playability of the instrument! The frets have been beautifully warn down to an action height that allows for very fast playing, effortless bending, and easy chording, and the natural wear on the body and neck is exceptionally placed and doesn’t interfere at all with the overall lovely feel of this Victory Bass. It really does look like Gibson applied that finish wear themselves! However, as a TRULY vintage and relic’d gem, this bass can take you exactly where you want to be because it has already been there!